Our donations provide disabled veterans and others in need a multitude of Gifts of Health. We enable access to natural, alternative health tools, means and methods to enable them to actually HEAL rather than feed them a litany of dangerous, toxic drugs that rarely do more than simply treat a symptom.

Nominate someone you know that uniquely needs the solutions provided by Gift of Health Foundation. GOHF provides unlimited access to the new FIT Therapy System in addition to many other healthy gifts. Nominate that special individual; explain why they qualify and after you post you can watch as others on Facebook vote to determine who wins.

Participate with the process and help others in need.

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GIFT OF HEALTH FOUNDATION is proud to be the first non-profit (501-C3) to provide ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS; the actual means of healing, growing stronger, more confident and becoming self-sufficient with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and a passion for life. GO-HEALTH is the only health related non-profit helping disabled veterans and others in need of health giving solutions.

As a disabled veteran myself I have experienced the typical medical access available to all us disabled vets and I have to say, as much as many really care and want to provide the best medical service, they simply do not know what actually works best or better.

Gift of Health provides a means for people in need to actually heal – more accurately our missions is to help those in need with natural means, methods and tools to eliminate the barrier to actually healing rather than simply surviving.

Drugs are toxins. Toxins are deadly. Our mission is to perpetuate a new way of thinking and taking actions that actually work. Not prescribe brain draining, toxic drugs to temporarily remedy a symptom but to help people detoxify, recover and grow to rediscover a vibrant, active and healthy life!

This Months Featured Product And Service Donations. We work with various companies on the cutting edge of health and fitness. On occasion we’re lucky enough to receive contributions in the way of great products which we make available as a GIFTS TO OUR DONORS.

1- Detox nutrients: Natural source nutrients designed to provoke the human body to expel toxins from the inside out. This product is essential to enabling the healing process from the inside out. It is the critical in the process of expelling deadly toxins that inevitable build up in our system particularly when your system is weakened by toxic drug intake. Particularly useful for disabled vets who are (inevitably) flooded with toxic drugs again and again.


2- FITT Systems: An absolutely amazing incomparable system for anyone to drastically improve their health, fitness and therapy progress - Fit Therapy Systems have been donated by Hi-Q Fitness to help us help our clients. These patented systems are extremely powerful in activating the human body to expedite the process of detoxifying and ultimately healing itself.

Hi-Q Fitness Therapy Systems, (HI-Q) :

Hi… Dave here to introduce an amazing new patented breakthrough health and fitness tool … This is a perfect solution for anyone looking for an easy, pain free way to LOSE WEIGHT AND GAIN MUSCLE -

First let me just tell you this….

Each and every time our clients use this FIT Therapy System - They will LOSE WEIGHT AND GAIN MUSCLE - Without lifting a finger!

On the other hand using the new patented features they enable anyone regardless of age, physical limitations or handicap the ability to work, develop and repair every muscle in their body – the first of its kind…


SO Imagine how fast someone could recover when?

  • They can Burn Fat, Lose Weight And Gain Muscle EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • They have a quick - fool proof way to ELIMINATE PAIN when they need it
  • They will experience a number of HEALTHY side effects – Like:
  • The ability to effortlessly burn 700 calories (or more) in just half an hour or less without effort
  • Heart invigorating cardiovascular stimulation.
  • Massively increase their energy level (that lasts days)
  • Regain outstanding mental clarity – recover from PTSD
  • Healthier, Glowing clear - tighter skin and
  • They become healthy, more thin, energized and pain free
It would be very gratifying wouldn’t it?